Rental Inquiry

You must be 18+ to reserve a canoe or kayak. Rentals are by CALENDAR DAY. Canoe rentals include paddles and a safety kit. Solo canoes also include a double blade paddle, removable yoke, and kneeling pad. Please review our Canoe and Kayak Rental page for canoe specs and details. We do not offer refunds for early rental returns. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS FORM MORE THAN ONCE, it will only slow down our response time. If you need to make changes to a rental send us an email. IF YOU HAVENT HEARD BACK CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER.
Example: Monday August 1/21
Number of adults/children
PFD's are not included with boat rentals but are required for each member of your group. If you need to rent PFD's please let us know how many adult and child PFD's you will require in the box above. We will properly fit you on arrival. If you do not need PFD's just put "none" in the box above. (To speed things up feel free to list your weights for PFD's needed and we will have them ready to go)
With delivery you still need to stop at our store first. Delivery needs to be booked 72 hours prior to the rental date. If you are picking your canoe/kayaks up at our store PLEASE REVIEW OUR INFO ABOUT TIE DOWNS ON OUR CANOE RENTAL PAGE. NOT ALL VEHICLES ARE SUITABLE FOR TIE DOWNS.
If you are looking for complete outfitting packages please list your group size and ages here. We will contact you to go over all of the other details. If you need to rent specific gear items or have gear questions add that here and we can go over your gear needs with you upon booking.
It is helpful for us to know some of your group and trip details. Your group experience, route, etc.