Martin Pine

” The igloo, like the birch bark canoe, is a Canadian icon. In its simplicity of form, in its efficient use of a renewable resource, in its method of construction, and above all, in its unequalled insulating properties, the igloo is a marvel of indigenous ingenuity which permitted Inuit people to survive and thrive in the most inhospitable and challenging environment humans have ever inhabited using a shelter that is safe, lasting, comfortable, and which, to this day, puts other snow shelters and modern 4-season tents to shame.  

This superior winter dwelling remains under-appreciated even by many winter campers simply because few are familiar with how to construct them and camp in them, especially in our Ontario snow conditions.  Under the guidance of winter camping and bushcraft enthusiast, Martin Pine, participants will get hands-on experience building an igloo using a contemporary technique that works in any snow conditions, experience firsthand the comfort of an igloo outfitted for camping and, learn why it is such an excellent winter dwelling compared to tents and other kinds of snow shelters, including quinzhees.”

 “Martin Pine is a Crown land hiker, backpacker, canoe-tripper, winter camper, nature lover, and bushcraft enthusiast with decades of year-round backcountry camping experience on Ontario’s Crown lands, but also in the temperate rainforests of the Pacific northwest, the deserts of the southwestern U.S., and the Everglades of Florida.  He makes free instructional videos to promote the responsible, low-impact, recreational use of Ontario’s Crown lands, including some which feature his decade of experience as a modern igloo builder and igloo camper.”