We had to make some changes last year to our rental pick up process and it worked really well. We have a very smooth and efficient system set up to try and get you through our store and on the water as quickly as possible. When you arrive at our store you are welcome inside to pay for your rental and shop for any gear needs you have. We do have limits to the number of customers in the store but you will not have to wait long, we promise! We do ask that if members of your group are not shopping for something or paying for the rental that they wait outside.

Rental gear (paddles, PFD’s, etc.) will be brought outside for your group and we will fit you for sizes outside.

If you are picking your canoe up at the shop please be prepared to do your own tie down. We can walk you through the process at a distance but you need to be able to do the knots.

Upon return all rental gear will go into a drop box outside and not into the store. ALL of our rental equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each rental.

Masks are required when inside the store and outside when we are not able to maintain distance so please come prepared. If there is a reason that you cannot wear a mask please let us know and you can pay for your rental in advance and we can arrange curbside pickup for any purchases that you make. You will not be able to enter the store.

Thank you in advance for you patience and understanding through this! We are happy to be open and assist you with your adventure!