Complete Winter Outfitting

*There is no deposit to book your winter outfitting package, if the weather conditions/temperatures look like more than you are comfortable with, you are welcome to cancel.

*There are no refunds for gear rentals if you choose to end your trip early.

* 3-day minimum rental for winter outfitting packages.

*Please give consideration to the winter gear (pulks, toboggans, etc.) fitting in/on your vehicle.

*If you just need some gear go to Winter Camping Rentals or if you think one of our Winter Programs may be a better option for you go to Winter Camping Programs

Where to Start?

  • Step 1
    Go through the gear below to get an idea of what you need and fill out a rental inquiry. We will review your trip with you and discuss your gear needs.
  • Step 2
    We will send you a clothing list, gear list and logistic notes about the rental system you have chosen. We will assist in customizing your gear requirements and make sure it is ready when you arrive.
  • Step 3
    We will meet you at our home location just north of Huntsville or at our store in Kearney. When you arrive we will spend time with you to review the gear, adjust things based on needs, and make sure that you feel comfortable before you leaving!

Complete Packages

Cold Tent Package: $100/person/day Kids under 12 – $60/day

Includes – North Face 4 season tent 2/3/4p available

  • We will spend time with you when you arrive to go over all of the gear.

Hot Tent Package: $150/person/day Kids under 12 – $80.00/day

Includes – Snowtrekker Tent with Kni-co stove 2/4/6p available

  • If choosing our hot tent package it is important to know that we spend approximately 2 hours with you when you arrive. We will do a full review of all the gear and set up a tent with you to ensure that you are comfortable. You will need to consider this when planning how far you are travelling on your first day.
  • We require the stoves to be out at bedtime.

All Complete Packages include:

  • -30 sleeping bag with compression sack
  • Insulated under and over bag
  • Closed cell foam pad, insulated under pad, and a self inflate pad
  • Pulk with duffel bags
  • Atlas snowshoes
  • Telescopic aluminum shovel
  • Bow saw/Axe
  • Pre-roped tarp
  • Paracord
  • Headlamps, lantern and batteries
  • Map
  • Repair Kit
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Water Treatment
  • Nalgenes with insulators
  • White gas stove with base plate and heat deflector
  • Cook kit and mess kit
  • Thermos
  • Fire Starter
  • Garbage and Ziplock bags
  • Toilet Paper

*You are responsible for your own food, however we can assist with your menu planning if you need.