This is a booking request, not a completed booking. We will do our best to fill it and get back to you ASAP. Please review our Canoe and Kayak Rental page for canoe images and details. If you need to make changes to a current rental send us an email.
Number of adults/children

All prices are per calendar day

2 Person Canoes

All canoes include paddles and a safety kit.

Lower capacity canoe. Not suitable for large gear loads or a dog in the middle.

3-Seater Canoe

Solo Canoes

Include single/double blade paddle, safety kit, removeable yoke, and kneeling pad.


PFDs (lifejackets)

PFD rentals are a flat fee, not per day. You are required by law to have a properly fitted PFD per person.


With delivery you still need to stop at our store first. Deliveries need to be booked 72 hours prior to the rental. If you are picking your canoe/kayaks up at our store PLEASE REVIEW OUR INFO ABOUT TIE DOWNS ON OUR CANOE RENTAL PAGE. NOT ALL VEHICLES ARE SUITABLE FOR TIE DOWNS.


Prices are per day

Other Gear Needed

We will total all additional gear for you when completing your booking.
We will adjust this total with HST and any additional gear requirements you have listed, when we complete your booking.

Extra Info/Questions