Terms of Agreement

The Fine Print


No deposit required at time of booking. When you arrive we will take a copy of your credit card (Visa or Master card only) as damage deposit. This will be returned to you upon return of your rental items and assessment of usage. To reserve your rental just give us a call or email.

Payment Options

We accept payment via cash, credit and debit. All rental charges must be paid in full at time of pick-up. Photo identification is required at time of rental (drivers licence/passport).

Rental Waiver

You will be required to sign a rental release/waiver to acknowledge that you have experience in the activity you are participating in and that you are responsible for equipment rented.

Loss/Damage/Dirty Policy

If rental equipment is returned in damaged or dirty condition, the renter will be responsible for cleaning and repair costs. Shop rate will be charged ($35/hr, $10 min) plus any parts and materials for cleaning and repair. Replacement cost for lost/stolen /destroyed rental equipment is full retail value.

Cancellation Fees

If you have to cancel for any reason-give us a call as early as possible and we hope to see you again for a future trip. No cancellation fee!


Save 15% when you rent any item for 4-6 days, and 25% when you rent for 7 or more. The more you paddle with us, the more you save! Collect 1 Paddle Point for every day you rent a kayak or canoe. If you rent 4 canoes for 5 days, you collect 20 Paddle Points! Exchange 20 Paddle Points for a free 1-day canoe or kayak rental. We will enroll you automatically when you rent a boat and will keep track of your points for you.