Food Systems

Planning a tripping menu can be a time consuming challenge. At Algonquin Basecamp we will gladly put things together for you, from steak to lightweight freeze dried systems. Most people like a balance of fresh foods for the first few days then lighten things up with freeze dried.

We do have a selection of Backpackers Pantry meals at our store, but will gladly order in any freeze dried food systems for you. Call or email us to see what is available and we will have it ready when you arrive. These are quite convenient, tasty, cost effective meals for small groups. See selection below.


  • We require at least 2 weeks advance notice to prepare food system for you and to order in any freeze dried foods that you require.
  • Keep food weight in mind- remember you have to carry it!
  • Food allergies- we suggest that you develop your own food system or select from a freeze dried selection that has been processed in a controlled setting.
  • The food Barrel $35/pp/day (please email us your selection based on the days you are out (ie. B1,L2 etc)
  • Meal choices for groups should be the same choice for each meal. This will make prep, packing, and cooking much easier for your group.

Breakfast (All breakfasts will include Coffee/tea/juice, mid morning snack)

B1- Fresh eggs, bacon, english muffins
B2- Buttermilk pancakes/ syrup with berries
B3- Cheese omelet, toast, oranges
B4- Granola with berries/ milk
B5- Hot instant oatmeal with fruit

Lunch (will include juice and mid afternoon snacks)

L1- Summer sausage sandwiches, cookies
L2- Peanut butter and jam wraps, granola bars
L3- Hot corned beef on rye
L4- Chicken noodle soup, crackers/ cheese
L5- Kraft dinner

Dinner (will include juice, herbal tea, reg tea/coffee)

D1- Steak & potatoes with veggies
D2- Beef Shishkabob (a stick with beef & veggies)
D3- Spaghetti and bread
D4- Spicy Pad Thai


Our mid meal snacks will include a variety of granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, sesame snacks, eat more bars, cookies, kolbasa and cheese etc. Just to give you that extra boost for that next Algonquin portage!

Any of our freeze dried selection can be mixed into this menu, or just ordered to mix with your own menu! CLICK HERE for Backpackers pantry food selections. These are easy to prepare, will not spoil, and lighten the load! Most of these packaged meals will feed 2.