Outfitting Details

Our complete outfitting packages include all the essentials you will need for your canoe trip. These packages must be pre-booked and will be ready to go when you arrive. Our packages include trip consultation and all required gear/equipment (see list below). Food packages, shuttle service and canoe delivery to your Algonquin Park access point can also be added. If you’re joining us for bug season we will also include the MEC Mantis; a wilderness dining shelter for up to 6 people (premium package only). If you only require partial outfitting check out our Gear Rentals and Canoe and Kayak Rentals pages.

Please Note:

  • All rentals and packages are billed by calendar day.
  • There is a two day minimum for all of our complete outfitting packages. The packages listed below are a two person minimum booking, contact us for solo outfitting prices.
  • Our great discounts apply to all of our complete outfitting packages.
    5+ days = Save 15%, 8+ days = Save 25%.
  • All complete outfitting packages require a 50% deposit. Cancellations are required 72 hours in prior to the trip for a full refund. Cancellations after that time forfeit the deposit.


  • All prices listed are per-person per-day.
  • Children’s Rates: 1-4 – Free, 4-12 – 50% off of the adult price.


What is includedSTANDARD PACKAGE
Canoe (paddles, pfd’s, safety kit, yoke pad, tie down equip)Standard Kevlar CanoeUltralight Canoe
2 or 4 person lightweight tent /ground sheet✔️✔️
Expedition canoe packs✔️✔️
Sleeping bag with liner✔️✔️
Sleeping pad (self-inflatable)✔️✔️
Cook kit (pots, plates, cups, utensils, water bottle)✔️✔️
Food Barrel (30L or 60L) and hang kit✔️✔️
Lightweight single burner stove (with fuel)✔️ (stove only)✔️
Map and map case✔️✔️
Folding saw/Bug jacket/Poncho✔️✔️
Lightweight Tarp✔️✔️
Supplies (first aid, rope, bio soap, toilet paper, matches, dish wash kit)✔️✔️
Aquatabs water treatment✔️
Bug spray✔️
Folding chair✔️

What To Expect With Your Complete Outfitting

When outfitted by Algonquin Basecamp you can expect the best in equipment and customer service. We begin each trip with an orientation on the wilderness you are about to enter (wilderness rules, map routing, paddling, fishing info etc.) followed by a full equipment review.

We can also assist with:

  • Trip logistics and parking
  • Transportation or equipment shuttles to park access points throughout Algonquin
  • What you need to bring

This is our suggested list for an average canoe trip 3-7 days. It is important to think layering, and to leave the cotton at home.


  • sun hat (1)
  • Base layer (top & bottom) (1)
  • Quick dry T-shirt (2)
  • Quick dry shorts (1)
  • long sleeved shirt lightweight for sun protection (1)
  • Quick dry pants (1)
  • socks (2-3)
  • underwear
  • sturdy pair boots/shoes (1) (with good traction and support)
  • wet shoes (1) ie. Keen sandals
  • bathing suit (1)
  • small towel (1) lightweight, as towels are heavy when wet and take forever to dry
  • toque (1)
  • sweater (1) (wool or fleece)
  • Goretex or breathable rain gear is preferred.

We will supply rain gear but if you have a good breathable rain gear-bring it! If you get a few days of rain you will be quite happy you did.

Other Stuff

  • toiletries (i.e. toothbrush/paste, essentials only and pref- bio-degradable)
  • sunscreen/lip balm
  • first aid kit (We do include a very basic one, but it is preferred if you have a decent first aid kit of your own with appropriate medication)


  • book (1)
  • journal/pen/paper (1)
  • gloves (1) (while paddling)
  • camera/film (1)
  • binoculars (1)
  • bandanna (1)
  • guide book (1)
  • fishing rod/tackle/license (1)
  • watch (1) (waterproof)
  • wallet (1) (needed in emergencies)
  • (VISA/Mastercard, money, medical ID)
  • cards/small games/musical instruments (1)
  • sunglasses/case/strap (1)



Planning a tripping menu can be a time consuming challenge. At Algonquin Basecamp we will gladly put things together for you, from steak to lightweight freeze dried systems. Most people like a balance of fresh foods for the first few days then lighten things up with freeze dried.

We do have a selection of Backpackers Pantry meals at our store, but will gladly order in any freeze dried food systems for you. Call or email us to see what is available and we will have it ready when you arrive. These are quite convenient, tasty meals.


  • Food packages may not be available during our busy season (July and August). We require at least 2 weeks advance notice to prepare food system for you and to order in any freeze dried foods that you require. Food must be pre-paid in full.
  • Keep food weight in mind- remember you have to carry it!
  • Food allergies- we suggest that you develop your own food system or select from a freeze dried selection that has been processed in a controlled setting.
  • Food packages are $50/person/day (Sample menu choices will get emailed for approval)
  • If you want to do your own food but need a space to prep and repackage it with your group, you are welcome to use our Basecamp kitchen.