Canoe and Kayak Rentals

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Canoe rentals include paddles, PFD’s, safety kit, and tie down equipment (if required). All of our canoes have a contoured yoke.We are happy to help you with your tie down but please note that not all vehicles are suitable for tie downs. i.e: Panoramic sunroof.

Feel free to call us to discuss your options.

Our canoe paddles are  lightweight wood beavertails by Redtail Paddles.

Expedition Kevlar Nova Craft Prospector 16′ (52 lbs)

1-4 Days: $34.95/day
5-7 Days: $29.71/day
8+ Days:  $26.21/day

Expedition Kevlar Nova Craft Pal 16′ (48 lbs)

1-4 Days: $34.95/day
5-7 Days: $29.71/day
8+ Days: $26.21/day

Expedition Kevlar H2O Prospector 16′ (48 lbs)

1-4 Days: $37.95/day
5-7 Days: $31.41/day
8+ Days:  $27.71/day

Ultra-lite 16′ Souris River Quetico (39lbs)

1-4 Days: $43.95/day
5-6 Days: $37.36/day
8+ Days: $32.96/day

Ultra-lite 17′ Souris River Quetico (44lbs)

1-4 Days: $43.95/day
5-7 Days: $37.36/day
8+ Days: $32.96/day

Ultra-lite 18.5′ Souris River Quetico – (48lbs) ∗ 3 Seater ∗

1-4 Days: $47.95/day
5-7 Days: $40.76/day
8+ Days: $35.96/day

Solo Canoes

Solo rentals also include a removable yoke, kneeling pad, single and double blade.

H2O Solo 15′ 

1-4 Days: $36.95/day
5-7 Days: $31.41/day
8+ Days: $27.71/day

H2O Adirondack Pack Style Canoe 13′

1-4 Days: $36.95/day
5-7 Days: $31.41/day
8+ Days: $27.71/day

Souris River Tranquility 15’6 – 33 lbs

1-4 Days: $36.95/day
5-7 Days: $31.41/day
8+ Days: $27.71/day


Yoke Pad – $2.00

NRS Paddle Jacket Upgrade PFD – $3.00

Dog PFD – $3.00

Canoe Delivery (Access point 2, 3 or 4) – $50.00

Spare paddle or painter – No charge, but please let us know in advance if you require one.

Kayak Rentals

Kayak rentals include a paddle, PFD and safety kit.

Touring Kayak with Rudder – Clear Water Designs Algonquin – 14′

1-4 Days: $38.00/day
5-7 Days: $32.30/day
8+ Days:  $28.50/day

Rec./Fishing 13′ (Clearwater Designs Inuvik)

1-4 Days: $30.00/day
5-7 Days: $25.50/day
8+ Days:  $22.50/day

Not sure which boat will suit your trip best? Give us a call we will gladly review your options to find the best option for your group. It is advised that you book your canoes or kayaks as early as possible to ensure you get what you are looking for. There is no charge or deposit to book! On the long weekends we run out of our lighter canoes quickly, so give us a call as early as possible. If you end up having to book last minute – we will do our best to help you out.

We deliver canoes to Algonquin Park access points #2,3 and 4. Your canoe can be at one of these access points waiting for you – no loading or unloading!
Rate $50. Includes delivery and pickup for up to 10 canoes. DELIVERY MUST BE PRE-BOOKED!


Rental charges are based on the number of calendar days equipment is away from our store, not the number of nights. We have a two day minimum on all rental gear, we do not do day rentals.

Credit card information will be taken on arrival and is required for any rental. If you do not have a credit card, be prepared to leave a cash deposit and present valid photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc).

Deposits/Cancellation Fees

No deposit required at time of booking. If you have to cancel for any reason-give us a call as early as possible and we hope to see you again for a future trip. No cancellation fee!

Rental Waiver

You will be required to sign a rental release/waiver to acknowledge that you have experience in the activity you are participating in and that you are responsible for equipment rented.

Loss/Damage/Dirty Policy

If rental equipment is returned in damaged or dirty condition, the renter will be responsible for cleaning and repair costs.  Replacement cost for lost/stolen /destroyed rental equipment is full retail value.


Discounts apply when you rent any item for 5-7 days, and when you rent for 8 or more days.